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“To Give” Wall

I am so passionate about Giving in 2018 that I am urging you to join me in the #ToGiveChallenge.  Share how you are giving to those you love, to those you don’t know but have a longing to serve with your kindness, to charities that have touched your heart, and share how you are respecting and giving to yourself.  Just tag your shares with@mysilentbravery on all social media posts and be sure to share in the post!  I am creating a GIVING WALL on my website and will be featuring your posts there!  It’s going to be awesome, and I can’t wait to be inspired by your giving hearts!

        “I think the message in Matt’s music and especially the song “To Give” is a very positive one that I am happy to support.  I’ve always been about crossing musical boundaries, so collaborating on this song was a natural fit.”

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Amy – PA

Nancy – MA

Jacque – PA

Milly – NH

Shaya – Egypt

Melinda – Australia

Hannah – IL


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