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March 1, 20125 years ago

MSB Announces Spring Tour Dates with Howie Day!

My Silent Bravery will be supporting multi-platinum recording artist, Howie Day, on tour this April in Massachusetts, Vermont, and New Hampshire! See dates below:

  • 4/19/12 - Foxboro, MA
  • 4/20/12 - White River Junction, VT
  • 4/21/12 - Londonderry, NH
  • 4/22/12 - Londonderry, NH
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February 25, 20125 years ago

Can’t Quit Receives Honorable Mention in Song of the Year Songwriting Competition

The Song of the Year songwriting contest has awarded My Silent Bravery the Honorable Mention placement in the song contest. Song of the Year receives entries from all over the world and only the top songwriters receive an Honorable Mention placement in the songwriting competition.

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January 24, 20125 years ago

New Show Annoucement

MSB to open for John Waite on February 15, 2012 at 8 PM at Showcase Live in Foxboro, MA. John found success three times in his career as lead vocalist for The Babys and Bad English, as well as a solo career that has produced numerous Billboard charted hits including the #1 smash "Missing You." Purchase tickets online HERE!

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January 11, 20125 years ago

Can’t Quit Nominated for “Album of the Year” at IMD

Boston’s own My Silent Bravery (fronted by Matthew Wade) releases this latest CD entitled Can’t Quit in 2011. Wade is the premier singer/songwriter featured on this release and I might add he is backed by an impressive line up of session musicians.

The CD quickly takes flight with “Four Years” a dynamic guitar driven groove that serves up steady rock rhythm against catchy vocal melodies and hooky chorus from Wade. Track 2 is hands down my personal favorite “All Right” shifts gears with its smooth flowing beat, though provoking lyrical content and a grand slam of a chorus. Track 2 evolves into a solid rock groove with clever lyrical content and impressive vocal passion - all in all an amazing piece. Track 3 “Can’t Quit” (Acoustic versions also available) is a hypnotic title track with driving rock rhythm, impressive musical ambience and heartfelt vocal delivery. As the CD slowly unfolds I can hear many musical influences reminiscent of classic Live, John Mayer and perhaps a splash of Jack Johnson. This CD makes a pretty solid first impression. Right from the start you will notice rich musical textures and ambience overflowing everywhere, full of warmth, variety and strong melodic structure. I would classify this music as catchy power pop, rock, with a slight aftertaste of alternative rock. The songs themselves are addictive and upbeat, complete with positive, carefree subject matter. The musicianship is pretty solid across the board. Make no bones about it Wade has good production instincts and knows how to bring the passion. Along the way you will notice lush layers of instrumentation layered everywhere. Besides the 4 piece standard you will also catch impressive things well placed Hammond Organ accents, Strings, Keyboard accents, solo guitar, impressive rhythm section and well placed vocal harmonies. Wade's voice works well across the board as he fills the sonic space peacefully and unobtrusively. I might add Wade takes many vocal risks indicating to me a strong and confident vocal ability. I also noticed a few amazing falsetto sprinkles here and there. All songs are short and sweet musical experiences. From heartfelt “Burn Out” (2 versions) to grooving “To Give” (featuring Matisyahu) to dynamic “Ms. Definite Maybe” and thought provoking “Last On Left” this CD has something for just about everyone. The CD ends with Track 10 “Today is Tomorrow’s Yesterday” the perfect finale statement for a CD of this caliber.

It’s fair to say this is one of the brightest, in your face mixes I have ever come across. These types of mixes are becoming more and more popular these days and are really designed to maximize radio marketability - but there are cons when taking this approach. As a result the CD lacks what I call flow and ebb factor and lacks solid bottom end feel. Over time this CD really wears on the ears and will strip your senses down to their core - like a commercial. CD contains 10 tracks but for the record 2 have acoustic versions available making for an 8 track catalogue. Perhaps 2 or 3 more songs are needed to really seal the deal for a grand slam full length release.

Can’t Quit by My Silent Bravery is an impressive musical production from start to finish. The music is consistent; the messages are upbeat, carefree and sung from a positive perspective. It’s strong suit – the wide musical variety and overall vocal passion from Wade. He possesses enough musical talent and songwriting prowess to be extremely dangerous. The musicianship is first rate. Once again the vocals, vocal harmonies and melodic accents are brilliantly placed and extremely well crafted. The messages are packed to the hilt with rich conventional wisdom offering hope and compassion. As a listener I was entertained the entire time. This CD takes us in a radically new direction when compared to the previous MSB release. However “Can’t Quit” above all demonstrates powerful resolve that cannot be overstated. “Can’t Quit” will not only make your day a brighter place, but will inspire you in the process.

Artist: My Silent Bravery
Album: Can’t Quit
Label: Independent Artist
Genre: Power Pop, Alternative Rock
Sounds Like: Live, Jack Johnson, John Mayer
Technical Grade: 9/10
Production/Musicianship Grade: 8/10
Commercial Value: 8/10
Overall Talent Level: 8/10
Songwriting Skills: 8/10
Performance Skill: 9/10
Best Songs: Can’t Quit, To Give, Last One Left
Weakness: Overbearing mix, Short Sided CD

Read the full article here.
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October 27, 20115 years ago

Jingle Punks Interviews Matt from MSB

This week, "Can't Quit" broke 100,000 views on YouTube and was the featured music video on AOL Music's Homepage! Matt sat down with Jingle Punks to discuss the video, his start in music, and what the future holds for MSB.

We’re proud to say that you might have already heard of this artist, as he’s been playing shows all over the East coast (300 in the last three years, to be exact) and building quite an impressive following both on his tour and his YouTube channel (he makes awesome videos). Matthew Wade of My Silent Bravery sat down with us and gave us a little peek into his musical journey, inspirations and hopes for the future. To him, the moniker My Silent Bravery stands for inner strength and perseverance, but for us- we can hear his message loud and clear. As if it needed to be stated…we like what we hear.

If you haven’t already seen his video for his latest single “Can’t Quit” and are looking for a good tug on your heartstrings, check it out below.

As per usual, let’s start at the very beginning…A very good place to start.

JP: How did your musical journey begin? Take me back to your earliest musical memory.

MSB: When I was about 4 or 5 my mom bought me my first cassette tape – Beastie Boys- Licensed to Ill. I was hooked from then on.

JP: What about the first time you picked up an instrument, or were inspired to?

MSB: Growing up I always loved music but found little time to explore playing an instrument because I was always playing sports. When I was a senior in high school – I chose for a school project to learn how to play the guitar and wrote my first song.

JP: Do you remember what it sounded like? No judgment…

MSB: Interestingly enough – it was an early version of a song called “Side of the Road” – which was the first tune of mine to get some national recognition. The song was featured on the TV show “One Tree Hill” several years later.

JP: Beginners luck?! Not a bad start!

MSB: I guess there was some divine inspiration at play there. Funny how the universe works sometimes.

JP: What was the process like for you, then? Chords first? Melody then lyrics?

MSB: The process for me was just that … chords, melody, then lyrics. That is usually, but not always how songs are inspired for me. The lyrics usually take the longest as I am constantly refining.

JP: How important are lyrics for you? Are they very much connected to your voice as an artist?

MSB: Lyrics are extremely important to me … They are a major part of my voice as an artist. You will find that almost all of my lyrics are substantive and very positive … At the least they have a positive twist to them.

JP: What is the most important part of being an artist for you?

MSB: To hopefully touch people’s lives and impact them along with spreading positive messages through the music.

JP: Is there a specific cause or belief you find important to express?

MSB: On my new record, Can’t Quit, I delve into perseverance and not giving up on the title song “Cant Quit”. On “To Give (featuring Matisyahu)” we focus on giving back to the world instead of always taking from it.

JP: Beautiful. Speaking of “Can’t Quit”- we love the video! Can you tell us what shooting it was like?

MSB: Thank you for the kind words. The whole process of making the video was awesome and was one of those things where everything fell into place. There were three themes we wanted to touch on – soldier re-assimilation, bullying, and natural disaster relief and they all tied in and came together beautifully. Shooting my parts were quick and easy. The only thing was that we were hoping for rain shots – which we got at the vey end. It was cold and I got drenched but was well worth it.

JP: Came out really beautiful,- well worth it!

MSB: Thanks!

JP: So I read that you did 300 shows in three years- pretty nuts! Tell me about that!

MSB: [It was] nuts! I just went on a tear of playing as many shows as I could in order to get as much live experience as I could under my belt. This past year I gave myself a little more breathing room but I like to play … I just try and make sure that the shows I choose to play all make sense.

JP: Did it ever feel too monotonous? How did you breathe life into each new show?

MSB: There are some nights where it got tough… but the show goes on. I really enjoy playing with the majority of the musicians that I surround myself with. They are for the most part, all great players, so it keeps me on my toes. We improvise, we do lots of fun covers, we get good audience participation. We try and always make it fun for the audience an in the process have a great time ourselves.

JP: Where do you see yourself/hope to see yourself in 5 years?

MSB: I see myself continuing to grow as an artist and improve my craft. I see myself still writing songs and playing out live … but on a much bigger stage.

JP: Anyone whose career you look up to? Or are inspired by?

MSB: Bob Marley is my biggest inspiration. I love his lyrics, his message, what he did for peace. There are tons of great artists out there … I could name a bunch… Dave Matthews Band, John Butler Trio, Red Hot Chili Peppers, 311 …

JP: Current favorite artist?

MSB: I have been enjoying the new Chili Peppers disc a lot …There is some funky stuff on there!

JP: Current fav TV show?

MSB: It was Entourage … Looking for a new one at the moment…

JP: Dream show to be placed on?

MSB: I think a placement on Grey’s Anatomy would be pretty cool. That show has catapulted a lot of artist’s music to a much larger platform.

JP: That’s true. Anything you want to let your fans/Jingle Punks community know? Updates? Upcoming shows?

MSB: I have a new record out called, Can’t Quit that has been getting some amazing feedback along with a great new video closing in on 100K hits on YouTube. I got a fall tour in the works, along with an upcoming Anti Bullying/Anti Hate Rally in November in NYC which some really cool people like Lady Gaga, Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosseling have agreed to jump on board and support. Please check in at my website or FB for updates. I want to thank JP and the JP community for their ongoing support!

Interview courtesy of Kaitlyn Weiss of The Almost Famous